GrapeNet software System of APEDA

GrapeNet is an internet based Residue traceability software system, for monitoring fresh grapes exported from India to the European Union. GrapeNet is a first of its kind initiative in India that has put in place an end-to-end system for monitoring pesticide residue, achieve product standardization and facilitate tracing back from retail shelves to the farm of the Indian grower, through the various stages of sampling, testing, certification and packing.

GrapeNet integrates all stakeholders in the supply chain of grapes export, namely The Farmers, State Government Horticulture Departments, The testing laboratories, Agmark Certification Department, The Phyto-sanitary department, Pack houses, Exporters, and APEDA.
The software can be easily used - anywhere, anytime, 24 by 7, by all authorized stakeholders.
It has virtually reduced duplication in data capture and enables instant reference of previous steps in the supply chain.
The inbuilt checks and balances in the software ensure that the succeeding step can be carried out only if the preceding steps were successfully complied with.
No document can be issued without going through the software.
Finally and most importantly, APEDA can trace details of the consignment right up to the plot level.

GrapeNet has been very well received and actively participated by all stakeholders in the supply chain and is expected to boost Indian exports of fresh grapes and better farm gate price realization for Indian farmers.
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