IV - Quality Development

 Sub Component Pattern of Assistance
A. Promotion of Quality and Quality Control
Sub-Component 1  
Assistance for installing quality testing equipments 50% of the cost subject to a ceiling of Rs 25 lakh per beneficiary. Quality standards should be adhered to for availing the subsidy
Sub-Component 2  
Assistance of installing quality management, quality assurance and quality control systems such as ISO series, HACCP, BRC, GAP, etc. including consultancy, quality improvement and certification etc. 50% of the cost subject to a ceiling of Rs 5 lakh per beneficiary
Sub-Component 3  
Activities related to standardization and quality control such as preparation of quality assurance manuals, guidelines, documents, standards, upgradation and recognition of labs for export testing, certifying exporters as premium quality exporters etc. pesticide management program, national and international standardization activities 100% for APEDA
Sub-Component 4  
Upgradation of APEDA recognized labs for export testing
  1. 50% of the cost for private labs;
  2. 75% for State Govt. /University lab; and
  3. 100% for the Central Government labs; 
The above is subject to a ceiling of INR 75 lakh
Sub-Component 5  
Testing of water, soil, residues of pesticide, veterinary drugs, hormones, toxins, heavy metal contaminants in agricultural produce/ products "including all fruits and vegetables, processed fruits and vegetables, other processed foods, floriculture, animal products, cereals etc. 50% of the total cost subject to a ceiling of INR 5000/- per sample (pre-negotiated price with APEDA) in case where residue monitoring activity is proposed by APEDA.
Sub-Component 6  
Support for adoption of global standards for traceability

(A) Registration for Global Company Prefix Number (GCP)
25% of the fee subject to a ceiling of INR 1 lakh per beneficiary
(B) Registration for Electronic Product Code (EPC/RFID) 25% of the fee subject to a ceiling of INR 1 lakh per beneficiary
(C) Registration for GLN for farmer clusters/ (Internal Control System) ICS 25% of the total cost incurred by exporter subject to a ceiling of INR 1.5 lakh per ICS. (The ICS is a cluster of farmers consisting up to 500 farmers for certification of organic cultivation).
(D) Procurement of equipment (specialized hand held devices) for capturing farm level peripheral coordinates 25% of the cost of equipment incurred by exporter/certification body/ laboratory subject to ceiling of INR 2.50 lakh
Sub-Component 7  
Setting up/upgradation/expansion of laboratories by APEDA or any other Government or Public Sector agency 100% grant in aid
B. Capacity Building and Organisation Management
Sub-Component 1  
(A) Assistance for upgradation of technical and managerial skills through on spot training in India/abroad 1. 100% of cost of the programme organized by APEDA subject to a ceiling of Rs 1.5 lakh per representative from various organizations such as exporters, APEDA recognized laboratories, certification bodies and State agencies (not more than three from single organization).

2. 100% for farmers from identified clusters for export oriented production.
(B) Assistance for technical skill upgradation of personnel of exporters in India for export development

INR 20,000 per personnel per residential training (not more than 5 personnel from single organization per year) in a recognized training institutes. Assistance will be limited to an average cost of INR 5000 per day per personnel

100% for APEDA representatives
Sub-Component 2  
Assistance for organizing seminars/group activities including study tour within the country and for bringing out information literature 50% of the total cost subject to a ceiling of Rs 1 lakh for national seminar and Rs 2 lakh for international seminar
Sub-Component 3  
(A) Seminars organized by APEDA 100%
(B) Seminar sponsored by APEDA 50% of total cost subject to a ceiling of INR 5 lakh
Sub-Component 4  

Assistance programme for international study tour sponsored or organized by APEDA and association of exporters

100% in case of APEDA sponsored activities only
Sub-Component 5  

Assistance to carry out relevant applied Research & Development activities for export enhancement

100% by APEDA  through ICAR institutions or State Agriculture Universities.  In case of assistance to exporters associations in cooperative/private sector upto 50% of the total cost subject to a ceiling of Rs. 50 lakh per project.