Buffalo Meat

India is having largest livestock population including Buffaloes, Sheep & Goats, Pigs and Poultry, which are generally used for the production of meat products. India’s meat and meat processing facts particularly registered with APEDA are placed in the below table.
Meat Processing Infrastructure and Related Facts
  • APEDA registered Indian Abattoirs cum Meat Processing Plants: 63
  • APEDA registered Indian Meat Processing Plants: 63
  • APEDA registered Indian Stand-alone Abattoirs: 7
  • Number of regular slaughter houses: 1072
  • Number of carcass utilization centres: 07
  • Small scale meat retail shops: 25,000
  • India is the fourth largest buffalo meat exporter of the world with major export destinations (2020-21): Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia, Egypt and Indonesia.
  • India accounts for about 43% of the world buffalo meat production, with Uttar Pradesh producing the most, followed by Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.
  • India is the largest exporter of sheep and goat meat to the world (APEDA, 2021). Major export destinations are United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Oman (in descending order).
  • Organized poultry sector in India: 80 per cent
  • Percent non-vegetarian population in India: 71%
  • The current processing levels in poultry are 6%, while for meat it stands at 21%
Source: https://www.vetextension.com/livestock-animal-production-statistics-of-india-2020/

In the last one-year three new export-oriented units of buffalo, and meat processing have been approved and are reportedly under implementation. In addition, there are few animal casing units engaged in collecting cleaning, grading and exporting sheep and goat and cattle guts.

The individual products under this sub-head are as below:

Carcasses of Bovine Animals(Fresh)
Meat of Bovine Animals With Bone (Fresh)
Boneless Meat of Bovine Animals (Fresh)
Carcasses of Bovine Animals (Frozen)
Meat of Bovine Animals With Bon (Frozen)
Boneless Meat of Bovine Animals (Frozen)

Areas of Production:
The major areas for Buffalo Meat production are Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Punjab.
India Facts and Figures :
The country has exported 1175193.02 MT of buffalo meat products to the world for the worth of Rs. 24613.24 Crores/ 3303.34 USD Millions during the year 2021-22.
Major Export Destinations (2021-22) : Egypt, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iraq and Hong Kong.