The albumins are a family of globular proteins, the most common of which is serum albumin. The albumin family consists of all water-soluble proteins that are moderately soluble in concentrated salt solutions, and experience heat denaturation. Albumins are commonly found in blood plasma and are unique from other blood proteins in that they are not glycosylated. Substances containing albumins, such as egg white, and milk are called albuminoids.
The individual products under this sub-head are as below:
Egg albumin
Milk albumin
India Facts and Figures :
The country has exported 1,464.97 MT of Albumin to the world for the worth of Rs. 89.79 Crores/ 12.02 USD Millions during the year 2021-22.
Major Export Destinations (2021-22) : Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines,.