December 16 , 2004
  1. All Grape Exporters/Farmers
  2. All Grape Growers’ Federations
  3. Maharashtra Rajya Draksha Bagaitdar Sangh, Pune
  4. Fruit & Vegetable Association, Mumbai
  5. All nominated laboratories
  6. Director, National Research Centre for Grapes, Pune
  7. All concerned Agriculture/Horticulture Officers – AP, Karnataka & Maharashtra
  8. All PSC issuing Authorities – AP, Karnataka & Maharashtra
  9. Commissioner, Horticulture, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh
  10. Secretary, Agriculture, Govt. of Karnataka
  11. Commissioner, Agriculture, Govt. of Maharashtra
  12. Director, Agriculture – Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka & Maharashtra
  13. Agriculture Marketing Adviser, DMI, New Delhi
  14. All regional Agmark offices – AP, Karnataka, Maharashtra
  15. APEDA Regional offices – Bangalore, Hyderabad & Mumbai
Sub : Amendment to “Regulation of export of fresh grapes to the European Union through control of pesticide residues” for the year 2004 – 05

Dear Sirs,

Some issues have been raised by the stake holders concerning residue monitoring document for export of grapes to the European Union. On the basis of the discussion held at Pune on 15th December, 2004 with the stake holders, the following amendments are made in the afore mentioned document :

  1. Para 3.7 – At the end of the para, the words, “However, requests for amendments with regard to the number of plots in the farms will be accepted until 31.12.2004.” are added to accommodate more number of plots per farm. Accordingly, while there will be one Form 6(A) per farmer, there can be more Forms 6(B) to 6(D) depending upon the number of plots.
  2. Para 4.1. – The word “/plot” is inserted after the word, “farm” in the 11th line.
  3. Para 4.3 – At the end of the para, the words, “Reasons for not recommending drawl of samples will have to be clearly spelt out in column 17 bis.” are added.
  4. A new para 4.3 bis, as follows, is added :
    “ 4.3 bis In case, the farmer/operator is not satisfied with the observations of the Agriculture/Horticulture Officer in Columns 17 and 17 bis in Form – 6(D), he may, if he so desires, prefer an appeal to the higher authorities in the concerned department of the State Govt.”.
  5. Para 5.5 – The word, “Annexure – 5,” in the 14th line is deleted.
  6. Para 7.1 (g) – The words, “(copy of CAG is not required in case of grapes packed in punnets) ” are deleted.
    This modification has been made because the current Agmark standards for table grapes have been modified to include grapes packed in consumer packs.
  7. Annexure 6 (D) – An additional column, as follows, is inserted :

    “ 17 bis Reasons for not recommending drawl of samples (please see para 4.3 of regulation)
                                                                                                                                                                                              Yours faithfully,

S. Dave