Customs tariff cut and subsidy by the Saudi Council of Ministers

It has been informed by the Indian Embassy that The Saudi Council of Ministers have agreed to cut customs tariffs on 180 items including foodstuffs, building materials, frozen chicken, eggs, vegetable oil, milk, juices, canned food, soap, detergents, sanitary pads, tissue papers, napkins, gypsum, paints, lastic pipes, electric wire, pre-cast building blocks, fertilizers etc. by 15 to 20%. The cut, which will be effective from April 1, 2008, will spur Saudi imports from India and vice versa.

The tariff cuts augur well for exports of premium quality Basmati rice to the Kingdom especially in the light of the tariff cut and subsidy (rice and baby milk) announced by the Government of Saudi Arabia. Details of the tariffs cut can be seen at under Tariff - Duty Free commodities. While the Mission is circulating the information among the leading Chambers and Export Promotion Councils, you may like to bring this to the notice of all concerned

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