Detection of Profenophos, Abamectin and Flusilazole in Grapes

Dear All,
It has been brought to our notice that three pesticides namely, Profenophos, Abamectin and Flusilazole have got detected in some grape samples. All laboratories, farmers, exporters are advised to be extremely careful while testing pesticides, particularly, these three pesticides.
Further, last week, it was reported by an exporter that the samples of grapes produced by their farmers were regularly showing presence Profenophos and its metabolite, 4-bromo-2-chlorophenol beyond the MRL value. The farmers have categorically stated that they have not sprayed Profenophos in the vineyards. However, they were informed that the farmers had used a biopesticide called 'Bio-Prahaar' being commercially produced by M/s Nirmal Seeds Pvt. Ltd. When the samples of Bio-Prahaar bio pesticide were tested, they reported the presence of Profenophos.
The National Referral Laboratory (NRC-Grapes, Pune), was requested to purchase samples of different batches of Bio-Prahaar and check for its presence. It is reported that one sample contained Profenophos and the other sample contained both Propenophos and Abamectin. According to the NRL, Profenophos is not recommended for use in grapes. In light of the above all exporters and farmers are advised to take necessary precaution in the use of this bio-pesticide. The State Govts. are also requested to take note of this.
Profenophos and its metabolite, 4-bromo-2-chlorophenol are tested on GC-MSMS. All laboratories recognised by APEDA and NRL for grape testing have the requisite equipment and are equally capable of testing these compounds. It is recommended that while testing the grape samples for pesticide residues, the laboratories should be extra careful with regard to testing of Profenophos and its metabolite, 4-bromo-2-chlorophenol as well as Abamectin and Flusilazole.
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  With regards,
  S. Dave
Director - APEDA