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Trade Notice No.38/2018 03/12/2018 Availability of Speed Post dispatch in MEIS Scheme.
Trade Notice No. 36/2018 30/10/2018 Caution against dealing with MSRL Group Limited, Miami, Florida, USA - regarding.
Trade Notice No. 35/2018-19 25/10/2018 Standard Operating Procedure(SOP) for Filing Applications before DGFT for restricted Export Licences.
Trade Notice No. 32/2018-19 14.09.2018 Charging of Fees for REX Registration.
Trade Notice No. 30/2018-19 11.09.2018 Guidelines to apply for MEIS under the System Driven approval mechanism for MEIS applications for shipping bills from EDI ports.
Trade Notice No. 29/2018-19 30.08.2018 Director General of Foreign Trade(DGFT) as the Authenticating Officer on behalf of the President of India in all Notifications published in the Gazette of India Extraordinary Part-II, Section - 3, Sub-Section (ii).
Trade Notice No.27/2018-19 28.08.2018 Acceptance of new format for IEC - regarding.
Trade Notice No.25/2018-19 17.08.2018 Allowing import of 125 MT of Peas or less (entire quantity as applied) per contract irrespective of advance payment made before 25.04.2018.
Trade Notice No.23/2018-19 08.08.2018 Amendment in Policy and Procedure for online IEC applications.
Trade Notice No.21/2018-19 06.07.2018 Treatment the peas (other than Yellow Peas) imported during the period 25.04.2018 to 15.05.2018.
Trade Notice No.19/2018-19 05.07.2018 Implementation of Notification No.04 dated 25.04.2018.
Trade Notice No.18/2018-19 20.06.2018 Submission of application seeking authorization for import/export of restricted items through e-mail.
Trade Notice No.15/2018-19 04.06.2018 Doing away with the requirement of DSC for online/digital payment through e-MPS.
Trade Notice No.14/2018-19 30.05.2018 Guidelines for filing/processing of MEIS applications in case of Project Exports
Trade Notice No.13/2018-19 22.05.2018 Quota allotted under the Indo-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement : Minutes of the Meeting dated 9.5.2018.
Trade Notice No.12/2018-19 18.05.2018 Implementation of Notification No.4 dated 25.4.2018 -reg.
Trade Notice No.11/2018-19 18.05.2018 Extension of date for mandatory digital payment through e-MPS.
Trade Notice No.10/2018-19 16.05.2018 Clarification regarding DGFT Notification No.4 & 5.
Trade Notice No.09/2018-19 16.05.2018 Implementation of MOU between India and Mozambique for import of pulses from Mozambique.
Trade Notice No.06/2018-19 11.05.2018 Laying down of modalities for import of Pigeon Peas ( Cajanus Cajan)/ Toor Dal, Moong/Urad dal for the fiscal year 2018-2019.
Trade Notice No.05/2018-19 09.05.2018 Implementation of Notification No.4 dated 25.4.2018.
Trade Notice No.03/2018-19 25.04.2018 Applicability of provisions of para 2.20 of HBP, 2015-20 on Advance Authorisations issued under 2009-14, FTP - reg.
Trade Notice No.02/2018-19 11.04.2018 Launch of facility to check status of Importer Exporter Code (IEC) application made to DGFT.
Trade Notice No.26/2018 23.03.2018 Processing of MEIS applications under FTP 2015-20 in terms of Public Notice 62 dated 16.02.2018.
Trade Notice No.25/2018 14.03.2018 Launch of e-MPS- facility to make online payment for miscellaneous applications.
Trade Notice No.23/2018 06.02.2018 Advise to exporters to promptly check shipping bill transmission status on ICEGATE and DGFT website.
Trade Notice No.20/2018 15.11.2017 Import of raw sugar under TRQ at 25% customs duty.
Trade Notice No.19/2018 25.10.2017 Implementation of Notification No.22 dated 21.08.2017.
Trade Notice No.18/2018 23.10.2017 Non-Compliance of Sanitary and Phyto-Sanitary measures by Indian Exporters/Importers.
Trade Notice No.17/2018 06.09.2017 Establishing, Contact@DGFT service as single point contact for all Foreign Trade related issues.
Trade Notice No.16/2018 01.09.2017 Directions to Bank.
Trade Notice No.15/2018 31.08.2017 Implementation of Notification No. 19 dated 5.8.2017.
Trade Notice No.13/(2015 -2020) 11.08.2017 Implementation of Notification No. 19 dated 05.08.2017 - reg.
Trade Notice No.12/2018 31.07.2017 Allocation of quantity (non-counrty specific ) for export of sugar to USA under Tariff Rate Quota (TRQ)
Trade Notice No.11/2018 30.06.2017 Important FTP provisions in the context of the implementation of the GST regime applicable w.e.f. 01.07.2017
Trade Notice No.10/2018 14.06.2017 Constitution of Help Desk for GST issues related to Foreign Trade Policy - reg.
Trade Notice No.09/2018 12.06.2017 Changes in IEC with the introduction of GST-reg.
Trade Notice No.08/2018 08.06.2017 Constitution of GST Facilitation Cell - reg.
Trade Notice No.06/2018 08.05.2017 Implementation of the Hon`ble Supreme Court`s Judgment dated 27th Oct 2015 in Civil Application No. 554 of 2006 with regard to Target Plus Scheme (TPS) Scrips for the exports made in the year 2005-06 over 2004-05.
Trade Notice No.05/2018 27.04.2017 Clarification on TRQ for Raw Sugar-regarding.
Trade Notice No.03/2018 17.04.2017 Inclusion of details / clarification on the Certification of Origin of Goods for European Union Generalised System of Preferences (EU-GSP) - as notified vide Public Notice No.51 dated 30.12.2016.
Trade Notice No.02/2018 13.04.2017 Allocation of additional quantity (non-country specific) for export of sugar to USA under Tariff Rate Quota (TRQ).
Trade Notice No.13/2016 04.08.2016 VKGUY benefits on export of grapes including packing material-reg.
Trade Notice No.07/2016 27.05.2016 Allocation of quantity of Black Pepper, Vanaspati Bakery, Shortening & Margarine and Coconut for import under the Indo-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement for the financial year 2016-17
Trade Notice No.06/2016 23.05.2016 Modification in IEC Trade Notice No.6
Trade Notice No.04/2016 05.05.2016 Clarification regarding benefit under Incremental Export Incentivisation Scheme(IEIS) notified vide Notification No. 27 dated 28th December, 2012.
Trade Notice No.01/2016 07.04.2016 Eligibility of Liquid Glucose under Focus Market Scheme of Foreign Trade Policy(FTP), 2009-14.
Trade Notice No.22/2015 31.03.2016 Clarifications on Trade Facilitation Measures
Trade Notice No.21/2015 23.03.2016 Reconstitution of Board of Trade (BoT)
Trade Notice No.15/2015 21.01.2016 Strict adherence to the Notification No 114 dated 12th March 2015 specifying number of mandatory documents required for Export and Import.
Trade Notice No.14/2015 19.01.2016 Trade Facilitation Measures
Trade Notice No.12/2015 13.01.2016 Zero tolerance to corruption
Trade Notice No.11/2015 14.12.2015 Clarification on availability of benefit under Focus Product Scheme of FTP 2009-14.
Trade Notice No.10/2015 10.12.2015 Clarification about eligibility of Indian Kabuli Chickpeas under FPS in FTP 2009-14.
Trade Notice No.09/2015 08.12.2015 Interest Equalisation Scheme on Pre and Post Shipment Rupee Export Credit w.e.f. 1st April, 2015
Trade Notice No.08/2015 03.11.2015 Application for Duty Credit Scrips of additional 2% under Market Linked Focus Product Scheme (MLFPS) - reg.
Trade Notice No.07/2015 09.07.2015 Operationalisation of online payments through debit / credit cards.
Trade Notice No.06/2015 29.06.2015 Release of Mobile Application for DGFT related services
Trade Notice No.05/2015 16.06.2015 Release of Beta Version of ofline ANF 3A with facility to upload supporting documents ( Application form for Merchandise Exports from India Scheme)
Trade Notice No.04/2015 08.06.2015 Preferential Treatment for Status Holders.
Trade Notice No.03/2015 02.06.2015 Release of beta Version of online ANF 5A with facility to upload supporting documents (Application for Issuance of EPCG Authorizations) - regarding.
Trade Notice No.01/2015 20.04.2015 Prescribed visiting hours for non officials/members of trade for meetings with officials at DGFT Headquarters.
Trade Notice No. 11/2014 07.08.2014 Review of SIONs A-1443, A-1170, A-3627 & K-134
Trade Notice No. 10/2014 04.06.2014 Online complaint resolution system relating to EDI issues
Trade Notice No.06/2013 31.07.2013 Inviting Suggestions to prevent unintended benefit under Incremental Export Incentivisation Scheme.
Trade Notice No.05/2013 19.07.2013 Providing Personal Hearing in terms of Para 2.49.2 of Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) which is incorporated by Notification No 08(RE-2013)/2009-2014 dated 22.04.2013.
Trade Notice No.03/2013 28.05.2013 Online application and issue of Registration Certificates for export of various commodities with effect from 1st July, 2013.
Trade Notice No.02/2013 20.05.2013 Constitution of 2nd Task Force on Transaction Cost.
Trade Notice No.01/2013 18.04.2013 Increasing accuracy of data capturing by DGCIS- Alignment of Chapter 3 schemes with ITC HS
Trade Notice No.25/2011 29.03.2012 Aayat Niryat Form 2E(ANF 2E)-Application for Special Chemicals, Organisms, Materials, Equipment and Technologies (SCOMET) Export Licence-Introduction of Provision for On-line filing.
Trade Notice No.23/2011 23.11.2011 Completion of `on-line` uploading of RCMC data on DGFTs Server by EPCs/Commodity Boards/Authorities by 30.11.2011.
Trade Notice No.17/2011 23.08.2011 Completion of online uploading of RCMC data on DGFT?s Server By EPCs/ Commodity Boards/Authorities.
Trade Notice No.10/2011 13.06.2011 Review of the Deemed Export Policy - inviting comments from Members of Trade.
Trade Notice No.09/2011 13.05.2011 Review of Deemed Export Policy - inviting comments from Members of Trade.
Trade Notice No.08/2011 16.03.2011 Interactive Meeting on 18th March 2011 at 3.00 P.M. on Deemed Export Issues.
Trade Notice No.03/2011 11.01.2011 In continuation of Trade Notice No.2 regarding submission of hard copies of application for grant of registration certificate.